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Our Mission

Our Story

We are passionate individuals specialized in AI-model training and fine tuning. We witness the success of local startups and the company turns into sustainable multi-million local businesses via the implementation of full computerized central systems and AI-models. 

We understand the power of modern AI-models and how it can be used in your business to deliver results in terms of dollar sign ($$$). 

Please share with us your vision or explore with us what your business can do with modern AI-models.

We have been in the industry for long enough time. From 2003, we utilized ANNs to train an In-house model to predict the relationship of temperature, radiation and geometry distances. The resultant model is able to be used in real production case for a series of electric toaster. The methodology and process flow is proven robust, yet only 1/10 of the cost on high-end heat transfer simulation software.

From there, we started our journey in the field of data mining, Artificial Neural Networks, supervised training, non-linear modeling to solve different industrial problems.

Experienced Leadership

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