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How we AI transform your business to gain unique edge over your competitors.

Our 4-Steps Services

Knowledge, information and data collection

We need all your data to feed into the model. Eg. Company policies, SOP, ISO documents, CS chat bot conversations and internal training manual.

Information preprocessing and preparation

The data will be processed by our data scientist to make it ready to fit in specific AI model.

AI Model selection, training, modification and fine tuning

We will choose between different reliable and robust model to be trained. Yes, different data types (Eg. Sound, Text and Images) needs different model and model adjustment if necessary.

Functional implementation and final adjustments

We will implement the ChatGPT into your business workflow. User tests her ability and functionality. We shall make adjustment and fine tuning based on the real using case.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We understand the main purpose of utilizing AI in business is either saving cost or earning extra revenue. Keeping this in mind, we pay a lot of effort to  connect your ChatGPT into your business system and social media like business WhatsApp and Instagram ... etc ...

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