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The Hong Kong #1 Business GPT Bot

AI Transform your business with your company's own ChatGPT in Customer Service, Support, Sales and Administration function.

Take this chance to uplift your business using knowledge, information and data

Imagine you have SOP documents for your business, your in-house training manual and guideline already on your document server. You also have price list.

We have the expertise to supervise the learning of all these information and data to the AI model so that she will be the master and experienced employee in your company on customer services, support, sales and administration functions.

The outcome is a ChatGPT AI robot, utilizing text or voice input/output to fulfill and answer your customer's needs and wants! 

Knowledge, information and data collection

We need all your data to feed into the model. Eg. Company policies, SOP, ISO documents, CS chat bot conversations and internal training manual.

AI Model selection, training, modification and fine tuning

We will choose between different reliable and robust model to be trained. Yes, different data types (Eg. Sound, Text and Images) needs different model and model adjustment if necessary.

Integration into your social media channels

Your own ChatGPT can also be integrated into numerous popular social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram. We are official partner of Meta service provider.

Information preprocessing and preparation

The data will be processed by our data scientist to make it ready to fit in specific AI model.

Functional implementation and final adjustments

We will implement the ChatGPT into your business workflow. User tests her ability and functionality. We shall make adjustment and fine tuning based on the real using case.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

4-Steps to kickstart with us


Drop us an email at

Warning! Don't be amazed if you are talking to our AI employee :)


Our consultant will contact you within 48 hours for more information and requirements.


Define specifications and collect relevant data, information and knowledge. We then start the hardwork.


Sit back and relax. Receive update from us and to enjoy testing your own ChatGPT. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Model Training Hours


Lines of Code Installed


Countries World Wide


Industry Ready Models

Our Customers

Foodpanda use DeepLearn Algo data model
Yumama Works use central computer system and AI ChatGPT chatbot
SkinCarer use AI model to boost business
Absolute Pure build centralized computer system for service team management

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Join the other company to boost productivity and efficiency using AI model and data. 

Imagine the conversation and the speech that you deliver to your customer is AI-powered with precision and reliability. This "employee" never let you down and disappoint you.

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